Reflecting on Assignment 2

After receiving my result from Assignment 2 I felt such a feeling of disappointment. By far the worst result I have ever had and not from a lack effort. I had, in fact, put a great deal of time and effort into this assignment. The area I lost my marks was an area that in previous courses I had nailed completely. I drew on two assignments I had completed in the past (and that I had received full marks for that area) to guide and assist me with Assignment 2. I was devastated to see that in this course I had failed that section. I’m sure the marker was justified in giving me the mark I received – obviously I have missed something. In time I will go back and see just what that was – although my feedback was quite sparse and I fear I won’t be able to work out exactly what I missed.

I was able to get over my initial devastation of such a low mark by drawing on my fellow students, many who are in the same boat as me. Fellow blogger Leesa also shared her disappointment and I noticed others that had responded, such as Lynn and Melissa, giving support to Leesa. This has helped me a great deal to realise this one mark does not reflect on me as a future teacher but could in fact be a combination of a particularly hard course, hard markers, my lack of understanding in an area and an opportunity to learn (the content and also how to deal with my future students who may go through these same feelings).



4 thoughts on “Reflecting on Assignment 2

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